Skipping to the Balearics

Time to go way back in time to update the blog. Sitting here next to Gibraltar in Late Nov my tan is fading as I have two jerseys on and a beanie on inside the cabin while the rain and wind play games outside the boat… Brrr! Hope that weather window opens soon so we can chase the sunshine on the other side of the pond.

On 8th September after a sad goodbye to our friends from Sula there was another early morning start for the jump from the Egadi Islands on the Western end of Sicily across to kiss the Southern end of Sardinia on our way to the Balearics. Start of the little passage was an uncomfortable motor into a steep sloppy sea left over from the wind. Middle third became a lovely tight reach. Wind died out for the last stage motoring into Capo Carbonara marine reserve in Sardinia.

 P9092864 (1024x768).jpg

We swam with lots of fish over a reef with the kids. Practising for the Pacific. Here is some shore time sandcastle building amongst the beach tourists.

 P9102883 (1024x768).jpg

Rain ahead, what do you mean rain…?

 P9102890 (1024x768).jpg

With the exorbitant marina pricing we anchored off Cagliari for a long dinghy ride into town. Mission: food shopping, LPG bottle, clear customs. After a long hot trek it turned out the customs office has moved to the far end of the harbour. Darn. This most excellent gentleman on duty on Sunday at the Guardia Costeria office let us in and went above and beyond the call of duty to help us. Organising what procedures we needed to do even though they were nothing to do with him, calling a taxi, passing detailed instructions to the driver so we would not get lost. All with a happy smile and gun on his hip. Love the Italians.

 20160911_111823 (576x1024) (2).jpg

With perfect timing we were chased out of the harbour by a squally thunderstorm. We managed to get topped up with diesel before the wind came in straight onto the fuel dock. Starboard engine hiccupped and died once we were safely away from the dock. Wind was the perfect direction to blow us out of town unlike the forecast. Lightening cells chased down either side of us, close enough to remain entertaining rather than scary while we hoped the big petrochemical plant they were hitting had good protection. Then the storm died down as we got to our overnight anchorage. Perfect. Love it when we are looked after like that.

 20160911_153530 (1024x576).jpg

The next day it was Chess Challenge as Boston takes on Amelia and Shannon at the start of the 2 night run to the Balearics. We had a couple of quiet days before the wind came in for a romping beam reach for the last night.

 P9122909 (1024x768).jpg

Turns out the channel into Cala Teuera in Mahon, Menorca is much narrower in real life at 3am than it looks on the chart and Google earth… Some very careful navigation had us safely tucked away in the early hours.

 P9162981 (1024x768).jpg

We met the Meneghini family of S/V Vento Dell Alfa. Such nice people living aboard. Their boy Giona is a bundle of energy!

20160915_103524 (1024x576).jpg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Making sure the local chocolate croissants are up to scratch.

20160915_131902 (576x1024).jpg 

We spent a few days relaxing in this lovely spot. We never saw any sign of anyone on this little fizz boat and one windy day it dragged onto the beach. Everyone else in the anchorage seemed happy just to watch it. But not us Kiwis, so I roped an English guy in to help me and we pulled it off the rocks and anchored it properly.

 P9142931 (1024x768).jpg

Hey, look at our new tender…

 P9142941 (1024x768).jpg

Then it was time to head across to Mallorca and yes, the channel is narrow even in daylight.

 P9163001 (1024x768).jpg

Sunset as we approach Mallorca. Lovely.

 P9163027 (1024x768).jpg

Porto Colom had a swimming platform! They also had a mooring field taking up most of the bay and fussy boat boys who got us to move. We had great fun swimming over and using the slide. Not so much fun were the jelly fish and cold water. Here Amelia has just been stung by the jelly fish lurking under the platform and it was a dodgem course to get back to Drakkar.

 P9183035 (1024x648).jpg

And another early morning start for the next crossing to Ibiza. Because Nana is coming! Tempers got a bit short with the lumpy sea between the islands throwing us around a bit and the wind that had not heard the forecast.

 P9193040 (1024x768).jpg

So we were very happy to get ashore at Cala de St Vincent. The great sandy beach had some very large hotels and plenty of beach umbrellas. Definetly getting later in the season as it was half deserted.

 P9203057 (1024x768).jpg

P9203066 (1024x768).jpg

Amazing rocky cliff formations around the northern coast of Ibiza.


We got Drakkar snuggled into St Antonio anchorage with a few day to spare before Nana and Aunty Kathleen arrived. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P9233133 (1024x768).jpg

6 thoughts on “Skipping to the Balearics

  1. Sounds like some testing times behind you, Team Drakkar ! Well done, all of you. XXXX And now you have more of the fam aboard ! Whooo . . . . . .But wait . . . . I just want to know if Auntie Kathleen brought her purple pyjamas . . . .? XXXX XX


  2. Exciting stuff! Enjoying reading your adventures while at Starbucks having my breakfast before I go into work. Definitely not as an exciting day as yours! 🙂


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