The Canaries Part 2

It was great to finally have arrived in the Canaries where we could relax for a moment, enjoying the sunshine and friendly atmosphere. It was a weight off our shoulders after all the work and worry about the closing weather windows back in Gibraltar. Seem like a long time ago already as our tans were … Continue reading The Canaries Part 2

The Canaries at Last!

Heading south and feeling the mojo returning with the sun and warmth. So good to be restocking the tan with solar power. Time to get the prodder back on and the asymmetric up! Oh Yeah… Cesare was channelling Mattia’s 120% work ethic the DIY continued with cockpit speaker install so we can rock sounds sailing … Continue reading The Canaries at Last!

Gibraltar Blues

Happy to have made it out of the gravitational well at the boat yard we though the worst was over… But no, the weather broke and winter arrived early and with vengeance. We were glad it waited until we had finished the painting and fibre glassing, but this was small consolation in the consistent cold … Continue reading Gibraltar Blues