New Satelite Tracking

There is a new way to stalk, I mean follow along in our adventure. Our Iridium Go tracking is now running as we head out into the big blue.

See this link for our tracking page

It is also a new tab on our blog, Where Are We?


Our AIS position continues to be tracked using our MMSI number 512005284 and internet search for ship tracking or FindShip or similar app. But as the AIS has limited range it is only tracked in costal waters so don’t be alarmed when it dissapears offshore.


We are about a month behind when we were hoping to be now. We had imagined a nice downwind run to the Canaries after meeting our friends in Morocco. But the delays in the boat yard and winter weather arriving early this year meant we had to say a sad no and to miss Morocco as we did not want to be caught in a winter SW storm. Ironically we are now on an unscheduled quick stop in Morocco as we try to squeese between weather systems. The passage from Gibraltar to Morocco is 5 days and it was hard waiting in the marina in the cold wind and rain with strong SW headwinds chasing each other over the path we wanted to take. But we have met some fantastic people and kids boats, Yay! The cunning plan was borrowed from the crew of Slice of Life and we made a little jump to Rabat Morocco. Here we are following them up the Bouregreg River behind the pilot boat.


Now the Canaries are only 4 days away as we hide from yet another strong SW headwind. Hopefully the promising weather window around Tue will finally alow us to get further south and back to some warmer weather.

The missing blog sections will be along once we are a bit more sorted…



2 thoughts on “New Satelite Tracking

  1. I don’t know when you will get this but I have just seen 7.9 knots (0643hrs gmt 21/12). Great cruising. I have passed this on to your mum and dad who are on the boat and can’t get reports. I have you at 775nm to half way. Great going. all the best to you all. Have a great Xmas When you should have about 3200 to go. Cheers Murray and Jude


  2. I have been following your progress and willing wind into your sales and smooth seas. You are a braver man than me! Interesting that you are following the voyage of Columbus of 1492, who also went from Spain to the Canary Islands then onward west. He took over a month and you will do it in less by the look of it. Just before he arrived he had to quell a mini-rebellion/mutiny though …so I am wishing you peace harmony and good spirits too!


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