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We are not related to these appart from happy customers who paid retail.



Some equipment we chose, paid for ourselves and have been very happy with. New Zealand award winning company. We chose their Watchmate older 850 AIS class B transmitting as it is a standalone system with its own screen drawing milliamps so we can leave it on all the time. I love the anchor watch function. One of my favourite pieces of equipment. Coppins Sea Anchors. We bought their sea anchor, drogue, bridle and rode with deployment system to suit our boat. Good to have confidence in this end of days storm options as they make for the fishing fleet working the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean. Marketing hype does not work down there…  We bought an Iridium GO and external aerial for satellite communications and weather routing. Predict wind is one of our go to forecast sites. Follow the instructions on the Predict Wind site for the set up rather than the Iridium site as they are much better. Get multiple SIM cards when ordering. We chose an Australian made SA1-G EPIRB for its excellent features at reasonable price. Scary how limited the features of some EPIRB’s can be!


Warning, these blog and sites contain some addictive dream fuel and may cause personality changes… The gold standard of blogs and a real mine of information and regular updates. Full time live aboards with teenagers. Some might call them hard core? Great articles. Been there done that for 11 years and wrote a book about it. Live about on 39′ Cat with lots of info and tips.


Assorted excellent blogs

Of you prefer video blogs here is a great series S/V Delos YouTube channel


If after a few of the blogs you feel the need, here are the best sites we regularly trawled when hunting for a Catamaran. They probably list half boats as well. 🙂  Catamarans for sale by owner. Some great boats here. The default listing site, but brokers listing only. I do have a weakness for a good French cat, they done them so well. Helps to have French contact for better response from advertisers. Includes private sales and sorted by date listed.  American and Caribbean focused.