Homeward Bound

And so our boat life adventure was drawing to a close at the end of Oct 2017. The last days were pretty relaxed hanging out with friends. Here the sun is setting on our last Grand Anse beach trip.


The lovely ladies from Nahanni and Trismic teamed up to make me a birthday cake, Awesome!



So good to catch up with our friend Tom who we had first encountered his generosity way back in Croatia. Many laughs and silly faces were had.


The last stunning sunsets off the aft deck.



Amelia on the helm for one of the last trips on Drakkar.


But wait, just when I thought I was all done with toilet episodes. Happy birthday honey, one of the kids has done number twos and the toilet is not working… Thankfully it was just the electric brains giving up and no plumbing was involved. Converted to push button switches (courtesy of EMAS, thanks Nelson!) and we are in business again.

 20171028_112918 (576x1024)

Finally got to a Hash. It was right in the bay so would be rude not to. Whole crew of runners and walkers following a paper marked trail. Bit of a traffic jam at the start. Then some great views.

20171028_153119 (1024x576) 

20171028_154244 (1024x576)

The course skirted Clarks Court Boat Yard. Seems the Grenadians like their earth moving projects. Not enough flat land for a boat yard? No problem, we’ll just take away that hill.

 20171028_155203 (1024x576)

The last morning on Drakkar was poignant. A beautiful rainbow seemed to be saying goodbye.

 20171106_063428 (576x1024)

A few hours later and Drakkar was safely anchored off the True Blue resort where we were transitioning for a few days. Sad to be emptying out our personal gear and packing up for the trip back towards NZ and off to a new land life.

 20171107_100712 (1024x576)

First morning at the resort and we don’t have to make our own coffee! This photo echoes a favourite shot of mine from an amazing adventure BC (Before children). Hmmmm, coffee…

 20171107_075446 (576x1024)

Chilling with friends at the resort pool feeling flash.


Hanging out at the bar before dinner, watching over and being watched over by Drakkar. What a Totally Amazing adventure we have had with Drakkar! We are really going to miss her and our time together.


Helping the new owners Tanya and Damian move their boat around to a mooring in Secret Harbour. Quite a few firsts including their first reef passage, first mooring ball pick up etc…

 20171108_131000(0) (1024x576)

A visit to the US Consulate to complete the paperwork and we are officially boatless. Some things are meant to be and a series of events lead both of us to meet. A small example was heading to meet them at the consulate at the appointed time, but bumping into them on the way just after they had taken a wrong turn, but before they got lost. We would have missed them 2min before or after. They are such lovely people and we are sure Drakkar will look after them as well as she looked after us. Fair Winds our Friends!


A few hours later we were on the plane to start our journey back to NZ. The flight was late arriving and we only had a 45min layover to change planes in Miami so I was wondering how this was going to work. It was harder and longer to get the visa for the USA than it was to choose and book the flights and accommodation on the way home! I didn’t know there are no transit lounges in the States, you have to clear in, then clear out even if only transiting through. Thankfully we were met by these ladies in Purple for the VIP rush treatment through the complexities of Miami, culminating in a high speed golf cart ride down the concourse. Cool. Ironically the connecting flight was delayed with condensation leaking from the air con so after making it on board on time we all sat there for another 45min.

 20171109_213000 (1024x576)

London was a shock! So Cold! We were shattered after arriving at midday 10 Nov 2017, getting us and a huge pile of luggage to the hotel, a shower and lots of warm clothes then a long train ride in to the city centre so there was not much enthusiasm for photos and the only reasonable ones we have are these. Buckingham Palace with armed guards watch me trying to get a photo and quick attempt of a park shot with a freezing and tired family… London done, tick.

20171110_151808 (2) 

20171110_152031 (1024x576)

PIE!!!!! Happy place as we find a warm English proper pub. We have been hanging out for a proper pie since leaving NZ.


Ugh, big city traffic and cold dreary weather. Haven’t missed these!

 20171111_113251 (1024x576)

We did miss these guys! The reason for taking the long way home was to catch up with the Finan’s. Yay!


4 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. So now a whole new adventure , land locked but a new job, new town, new schools, wow, I hope you don,t get too shell shocked. All my love and blessings for your new episode in your lives, I think you should write a travel book based on Drakkar,s travels and the people you met, the photos alone will guarantee great sales!! Hope to see you when you get back to Auckland on a visit. All my love Auntie Di.

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