Please excuse the intermission in our regular broadcasts. After a delay getting lifted out we spend 28 days disappearing down the rabbit hole in the boat yard cumulating in a 2am finish before launch day…

2016-11-21 11.40.39.jpg

Boat looks pretty under the silly time early morning flood lights. Looks done in this shot but does not show how much work is left to do. Now we are in Marina Alcaidesa on the Spanish border of Gibraltar finishing the preparations and waiting for a weather window.

4 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Hi Max,
    Have I missed a chapter of your adventure? Has something happened?
    Hope you are all keeping well and really enjoying hearing about you wonderful adventure.
    Best wishes

    Richard Rayner


    1. Hi Richard,
      Good to hear from you. The blog is several chapters behind as we have been busy preparing the boat for the Atlantic crossing. We are all good if a bit tired and longing to get back into some warmer weather.


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