The Missing Thronophile

Oops, I missed an entire episode of Dubrovnik for the Game Of Throners amongst you so here is the back issue.

To make up for the sad goodbye to the parents and before we left Croatia we spent a day exploring the world heritage old city of Dubrovnik. No wonder they filmed the Game Of Thrones here, this place is amazing. Not sure how they got rid of all the tourists out of the shots though. How many Boston’s do we have…?


Not so easy to persuade Boston to be in a posed photo. One day we might get a happy one when he sees the camera. I hope.


We named this section hat alley with the interesting collection of hats blown off and trapped in the gutter below. Was tempted to climb after some of them, but Shannon suggested not my best idea.



Attempt at arty framed shot.


Glad we got there early in the morning and did the walls first as it was Hot. Here is another rest stop, I mean time to admire the view. Not so much health and safety if you are 6’ tall with quite an impressive drop off.




The general feeling after a long hike in the heat and its only 11am. Must   have   food…


Energy levels recovering!


In the maritime museum we found an original bronze cannon named Hipasone from 1758. Considered a masterpiece of casting from the Turin Cebrano workshop one of the best Italian foundries of the time. It was recovered from the sea off Molunat where it is suspected it was lost in 1806. Sorry no touching or photographing we were told after this.


We also found the spitting image of our friend Mattia! (Figure on far right.) Seems he has been involved in boats for longer than I thought and worth a sneaky photo.


Baking a little more in the sun. Some of the throngs of tourists, many restaurants and day trip boats filling the place just visible.


Day ended with crazy bus, walk, taxi mission to get our LPG bottle filled after lugging it all around Dubrovnik. LPG filling stations are well hidden and few and far between in Croatia. This was only the second one we could find and was quite an expedition.

Had quite a fright as we finally got back to the bay Drakkar was anchored in. Where Is Drakkar!!?!?!! She was not where we left her!!! Que heart jump moment, Stolen? Dragged? Just gone? Phew, 90 degree wind swing and she was hiding behind a little headland in the bay. Hmmm, that would have been a major.


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