To Greece and don’t spare the diesel!

In the air brushed social media life our trip looks like this. Stunning sunrise over the Albanian mountains as we head to Greece.


The real life scene also looks like this. On a timeline again we motorsail the 40 hour run down to Greece to meet our friends. Nice to be using the cheap Montenegro diesel at EUR 0.93/l inc tax. For the small amount we needed and 5 day queue time it wasn’t worth the hassle of the duty free even though it was EUR 0.53/l compared to the EUR 1.76/l in Naples. School work being done and before cabin tidy up. The NZ home school Te Kura has been very supportive. The materials are excellent and the kids are learning so much. Sometimes it can be a struggle to get them motivated. As I write this Boston is having a sulk and being difficult with todays school work. Arg. Shannon has much more patience then me when it gets to this stage.


After a bit of the usual run around and three offices this time we were checked into Greece. Yay, courtesy flag time.


Hot and tired the following day we headed into town to get supplies and treat our selves at a café. Who should be see but Paul and Zuny walking past! Guess we don’t have to co-ordinate meeting now. Great to have them on board.



Got to love boat life.


It was hot work exploring Corfu.


Trying to pick a non-tourist priced café, lunchtime beers were well earned and appreciated. Also excellent Greek salad.


Idyllic conditions for a hop down the coast and this man looks pretty pleased.


The kids are learning to free dive. Here Amelia has brought proof 4m to the surface. Proof the bottom is thick sludgy muddy gunge, good for the anchor to stick in, not so nice to hold.


Debrief of the day’s adventures. One of these three is not like the others, full of beans and enjoying some summertime ski paddling after escaping the NZ winter.


Sundowners were joined by the sundown for a lovely night. Don’t know if I can take much more…


Pool Bar! What a good idea!


Crossing to Paxos became quite brisk as the 30kn NW breeze filled in throwing up the typical steep Med waves. And for extra drama dropping the main tangled and the broke the port lazy jack as we approached the island. And to top it off the bottom in the bay we stopped in was unforgiving and it took too many attempts to get the anchor snugged in. A nice Italian boat suggested a patch of sand he knew of that avoided the space hogs in the bay and finally we got cleaned up and settled. Diving on our anchor to double check showed it well dug in. Loving the Spade anchor. A check of the unattended close neighbour’s anchor showed the Delta had dragged for at least 15m before some small rocks tangled it. A few more knots of breeze or little change of direction and off they would go again. Beautiful classic timber yacht beside them were not happy. We were both happy to see the culprit return and scurry back to the marina. Just a typical day in boat life.


Another hop down the coast to the town of Gaios on Paxos was next. Despite being heavily touristic it was quite a nice place.



Paul and Zuny declared “when in Greece you need Ouzo”, following the excellent tradition that you need to sample each countries drink when in that country. Sterling Idea!


A skip down to the little island of Antipaxos found that very rare thing of an excellent sandy beach in the Med even if it was a dinghy ride away up the coast and cordoned off to boats. Little cove we stopped in was empty on arrival, but the horde of charter flotillas soon changed that as they squeezed in. Man do they like to anchor close to each other! I had some entertainment watching the dramas and concern on our swinging room as the breeze floated around.


It was just a day anchorage and back to Paxos we went. Hard work the cruising lark…




P8062038.JPG P8062049.JPG

Unfortunately a combo of events meant Paul and Zuny had to head home after too short a week. Fantastic to have you guys with us and look forward to next time. Here Paul is stocking up on Med sun and day trip boat wakes before the haul home with a backdrop of some of the usual fancy pants boats here.


Shaggy haired boat boy haircut time…


Almost done.


What do you mean I need a haircut as well? I am attached to my long antiwork hair and I have a hostage!


Family rules: birthday person gets to choose their dinner. Ice cream for dinner anyone…? Well it was a hot day. Happy Birthday Son!


2 thoughts on “To Greece and don’t spare the diesel!

  1. Happy Birthday Boston! We are in the Hub all looking at your Blog. The photos are amazing!! We miss you and we can’t wait to see you in two years 🙂 Hi to your family and Amelia too.

    Lots of love From Hub 2



    1. Hi Mrs Rucker and all of you in hub 2!
      It is great to hear from you and I’m happy that you’re all following the blog. It is still really hot and the water is beautiful and clear. I’m missing stonefields school and my friends… see ya laters alligators!!

      From Dr Chambers (Boston)


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