Hong Kong Phewy

We have been running around trying to make Italy go faster and work through the critical list on the boat with our first visitors due for Easter so long time no update. Sorry, but fixing the leak on the starboard engine raw water pump was a little more pressing than the blog.


Spoiler alert. Boat is great and with twin 55hp just about a speedboat! And the dinghy is almost overpowered too. Nice.



We survived the first long haul flight surprisingly well. Love Air NZ. First travel adventure was the taxi ride. Surely they would take visa. No, but can go to bank on way. Surely ANZ machine would accept my ANZ card. No, never mind its 8.55 and 5min to they open. Surely the ANZ can help and ANZ customer. No, there systems are separate to the extent of Mastercard vs Visa so my Visa nogo, try another bank please sir. By the time I got back to the waiting taxi Shannon was almost convinced I had been mugged and got lost…

Kids were not impressed with Hong Kong. Dirty, smelly and crowded was their impression.



Things picked up when we found a downtown park complete with cartoon statues, turtles and beautiful parrots.




And the smallest McD’s


Back to guest house for some sleep.


Just as well we set the alarm. Surely we will not sleep 5 hours? Ah, yes we were all out to it when it was time to wait to get on another plane.


A long haul to Zurich. Come back Air NZ, Cathay just not quiet there. And another plane, this time a hop over the Alps in a mini me Swiss plane complete with chocolate!


Are we there yet…?



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