Setting Off!

With the care package just arrived from the parents we can now charge the computers and get little more online. Thanks Mum and Dad, Love you guys. Man I miss being on the end of a high speed all you can eat internet pipe. We are now dangling on the end of intermittent WiFi and poor cell coverage despite being in sight of a large town. First world problems and hey, this is Italy…


Our lifetime of dreaming and working has finally come to fruition and we are off!!


17 years dedication to Fastening Solutions and the wags get me a Wilson. I will take it as the survival and success in the new life with a happy ending rather than the shipwrecked and going a little crazy meaning.



The kid’s first plane ride and straight into the deep end with 47 hours of travelling… They came up with a new word, Nervited. The combination of nervousness and excitement as we had off on this next adventure.


Here is our luggage for 2 years of living on the boat. The third trolley is shy and hiding at the back. We were really hoping all of the pieces would end up with us in the right place! Looking forward to having you join us on the boat John.


Introducing kids to the joys of long haul travel.


Yay we are off the ground!


Are we there yet….?


Hanging in there.