Arrival in La Spezia

Slowly getting the blog up to date, bear with us for a bit.

A tired and heavily loaded Chambers family made it into the Florence airport carpark to be greeted by the gracious previous owner Axel. Somehow we managed to get 3 adults, 2 kids, 3 suitcases, 3 big canvas bags, 4 carry-ons and one well wrapped carbon paddle into his Porsche Cayenne to the 1.5 hour drive to La Spezia. Ah yes, we are in Italy where the houses are in pastel and speed limits are a suggestion.

Very Excited to see the boat at last! Quick tour by Axel


Most important to test the Captain’s chair. Yes it’s very comfy.


Then the change of flag ceremony



Yay, that looks good!


We didn’t have much bedding and 6 degrees overnight has us looking like Michelin men. Kids are wearing just about everything they own. First mission. Hire car and Warm bedding! And driving in crazytown trying to find where to get stuff.


The first fix it job. Fresh water pressure pump gave up over winter. Nice to break out the tools flown all the way from NZ and that Shannon looked a bit sideways at me for packing. Pump was not revived so salt water wash down pump pirated so we can have running water inside.


Getting used to walking the plank. It’s interesting when it is windy and boat and dock are surging around!


Days like today. Note little white bits on the outer breakwater that is 5km away. They are some pretty big waves and we broke a mooring line at dusk last night the boat was moving so much. Wished I had my surf ski that day!


Exploring adventure down to Portovenere at the end of our peninsular. Looks like tourist trap for summer. Almost deserted on this windy drizzly day.



Working through the boat cleaning at sorting out what we actually have bought. Found we had some astroturf…??


Kids daily chore, DISHES.20160306_131320

 Did some (Lots) cleaning.


Thought we had better check in with the authorities. Took a few days to get there as they are only open weekday mornings. Of Course, this is Italy… They didn’t quite know what to do with us. Seems Crazy Kiwi’s buying a boat sight unseen from the other side of the world is not so common in La Spezia.





6 thoughts on “Arrival in La Spezia

  1. Hi crazy kiwi’s, great to see you having fun with the challenge of settling in, but that “astroturf” would have
    been there pets “wee&pooh” mat. It wasn’t a bird, Biff it !! cheers papa


  2. great pics and commentary…keep ’em coming…..looking fairly content in the big chair, I can see a skippers hat, gold epaulets and a gold medallion coming on in short order!!


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