We Made It!

A quick update to let you know we made it and are still alive…

Been pretty wiped out for the last few days with Jet Lag and a Nasty little cold some fellow travellers shared around.


We Made It, but will all our luggage fit…?


Congratulatory beer in the afternoon sun.

Note Big snowy mountains in background. It gets a bit cold here at the moment. 

Not a bad place to get over jet lag.


17 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. Great news mate , scenery and boat look perfect !
    Just to let you know, Alan Mann passed its cert last night.
    Keep the updates flowing !


  2. Hi guys…oh man, you made it up there. I was asking Jamo if anyone at work had heard how you all were. He’s like – ‘they have only been gone 5 minutes girl!’
    Gee bloody whiz, can’t anyone humour me? Thank you for posting something. I hope all goes super well for you all. You know I’m living vicariously through you. So remember to do lots of cool stuff and post pictures. Because I’ll screen shot them and tell big fat ‘porkies’ to my friends…hahahahaha, man, I’m funny!
    Have fun and thank you for sharing.
    Will miss you heaps…signing off, The Head Handbag!


  3. Kiwi flag flying ! YESS !
    Happy to see you sipping appropriate beverage, Shannon. That’ll get rid of any lingering cold lurgies. Good girl.
    Much love from Auntie Tree Fairy XXXX


  4. Hi Chambers family, (hi Amelia!) good to see you have arrived safe. We can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. Can’t imagine snow right now but it sounds pretty good in this muggy Auckland heat! Cheers and best wishes from Amelia and the boys.


  5. Great that you are actually aboard and at the start of the big adventure -must be so exciting for you all ! Hope all was good with the boat – looking good!
    Keep the updates coming 🙂
    Paul & Zuny


  6. Max and Shannon – awesome. Now I have a request. Can you tell us where you are in your post so I can put a pin in my map? Cheers. Have fun. Cliff


    1. We are still in La Spezia settling in. It’s a bit like China, everything takes longer… Slow updates as still straightening out tech bugs like charging the laptop. Happily the weather is lovely today with 8degrees start and clear sunny skies.


  7. we are not just a little green but bright shiny green. Keep the updates flowing we absolutely love reading about what you guys are up to.
    Graham & Liz


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