Goodbye to Friends and La Spezia

Preparation for departure continued and slowly the list got shorter as we resisted adding more things on the other end… Our good friend Mattia on the case kindly chasing down his contacts.


Bimini clear needed replacing = Instant improved playground for the kids.


As an example of the excellent service and lovely people we found in Italy. We arrived almost unannounced at sail loft and these lovely ladies from Sailorwear / Arnaudo Battagli did a beautiful job right then to replace the clear in the bimini at reasonable price. The list goes on and on with CCCU supplying many o-rings, Neon Ares cutting replacement plexiglass for a hatch, Isopo & Parma a stunning wooden craftsman workshop etc.


More work servicing the small outboard. Very happy to get it sorted and running sweetly after finding a stuck float needle valve. Only took a few hours!


And more unglamorous work continued when I found the old diesel containers had contaminated the main tank with diesel bug.


On the critical list was Man need good BBQ… Thanks Craig for the recommendation.


And all too soon it was time to say goodbye to our friends in La Spezia. I hope we can catch up again.

Kids had made friends with some of the children from the marina overcoming the language barrier with a little help from technology.



Big thank you to Cristina, Marco, Roberto and the excellent staff at Marina Del Fezzano! We Highly recommend their marina!



Great to meet you and look forward to catching up Monica, Mattia, Cesare and the Orza sailing school crew.


Suffering a severe case of Nervitius we were watching the weather forecast and waiting for the last few packages to arrive before making the big jump across to Corsica. There was time for one more mega chocolate filled croissant from the lovely local café.


Bye bye La Spezia.


When will summer arrive? Our full monty wet weather gear and beanies are still getting a work out.


Crossing was a good shake down sail. Literally. Close hauled into 20-25 knots for 95Nm… (190km) It went a bit like this.


With occasional washing of the foredeck like this.


Drakkar performed very well, trucking along hard on the wind with second reef in the main and full jib at 6.5-8 knots and the kids were happy playing.


We were sailing into a moderating forecast and by dusk the seas had calmed down and we were joined by dolphins and ended up motoring the last couple of hours in flat clam into I’le Rousse at 3am. Phew.


Next morning had the kids well excited and us a little tired.


Proudly lying the Q flag for the first time!


13 thoughts on “Goodbye to Friends and La Spezia

  1. Hi guys – seems you have done a lot of maintenance -nice to get through as much as possible while you have been settled in at La Spezia – always a bit harder once you are under way.
    There is an island off Sardinia called La Madalena which when I went there many years ago left a lasting impression – I was land based so not sure what the anchorages are like .
    Enjoy the next part of your travels and will stay in touch
    All the best
    Paul and Zuny


  2. Hi guys – you certainly have had a busy time by the sounds of it with maintenance but great to get as much done while you have good access to facilities .
    If you go near Sardinia there is a lovely island called Madalena ( from memory not that far from Porto Cervo) – I went there many years ago but not sure what the anchorages would be like there
    Have fun and look forward to your updates
    Paul and Zuny


    1. We are anchored across from Maddalena at the moment while we sort park licenses to visit it. Looks beautiful! Sure is a wind factory here! Cheers


  3. Loving this blog. It’s so cool seeing your adventures (and the work that goes into them). I hope the weather is warming up for you. It’s still like summer here at the moment which is a bit weird. Have a great week!


  4. what?….. no toilet story?…….just some boring diesel bug…….all looking very cool’n’fun………nice little downwind on the tutukaka coast tonight


    1. Never fear. The phantom toilet killer has struck for a third time and we are down one at the moment… Enjoy the downwind. Wish I could make use of the downwind here but might end up in a different country…


  5. Hello to the Chambers family from Silvia and Massimo of the Mattia’s catamaran in Marina del Fezzano. Well, actually I’m sitting at my office desk in Milan and husband too is busy developing some new project. I see you’ve already reached Corsica and Sardinia and imagine you’ve set sails again for the next destination. Must tell you you are very popular among our friends: eyes open wide and jaws dropped well describes their reaction when we told them about your sailing adventure around the world. And they want updates too! Are you still in sailing along the Sardinia coasts?
    No need to say we (plus our Chambers-fan friends, of course) keep our fingers crossed.
    Looking forward to some news!
    Silvia and Massimo


  6. Hello to the Chambers family from Silvia and Massimo of the Mattia’s catamaran in Marina del Fezzano. Well, ehm, actually I’m sitting at my office desk in Milan and husband too is busy developing some new project. I see you’ve enjoyed beautiful coasts of Corsica and Sardinia (almost always very windy) and I’m curious to know if you’re still there or have set sails for a new destination. Must tell you that you have become very popular among our friends not only at the marina but here in Milan as well. Eyes wide open and jaws dropped in amazement: that’s how they reacted when we told them about your sailing adventure aroung the world! and they ask for updates, so here I am, looking forward to some exciting news to pass over to them.
    We (Massimo and I plus, of course, our Chambers-fan friends) keep our fingers crossed and root for you all.
    Will stay in touch.
    Silvia and Massimo


    1. Dear Silvia and Massimo. It was great to meet you guys. Thank you for your lovely comments. I hope we can catch up in the future. Maybe sailing somewhere? We are currently in the wind factory between Corsica and Sardinia and having a great time. Cheers


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