Our location and Plan 2.0

A few astute interweb stalkers noticed our iridium location tracking page stalled back in Pigeon Island Guadeloupe. This is because we have a new cunning plan version 2.0... Basically slow down and enjoy life. Details are on the updated The Plan page. https://svdrakkar.com/the-plan/   To continue stalking and living vicariously our location is tracked by our … Continue reading Our location and Plan 2.0

Hanging with Turtles in Guadeloupe

Anchor down in Guadeloupe on 15 Jan 2017 and it’s time for a refreshing dip before I head ashore for customs formalities. After shuttling between the very formal three offices, much paperwork, passport inspections, NZD 80.00 fees and one hour later for Antigua the French territories made a refreshing change. It took me longer to … Continue reading Hanging with Turtles in Guadeloupe

Gibraltar Blues

Happy to have made it out of the gravitational well at the boat yard we though the worst was over… But no, the weather broke and winter arrived early and with vengeance. We were glad it waited until we had finished the painting and fibre glassing, but this was small consolation in the consistent cold … Continue reading Gibraltar Blues