The Canaries Part 2

It was great to finally have arrived in the Canaries where we could relax for a moment, enjoying the sunshine and friendly atmosphere. It was a weight off our shoulders after all the work and worry about the closing weather windows back in Gibraltar. Seem like a long time ago already as our tans were restocked. Still learning to relax into things and live in the moment without so much self-imposed stress. Chris had been cruising all over Grand Canaria having great adventures while he waited for us to be let through by the weather gods. Here are a selection of his cool photos to give you a taste of the place.

DSCF2288.JPGdscf2309 dscf2315



DSCF2280 (800x600).jpg

DSCF2348 (600x800).jpg

DSCF2606 (800x600).jpg

DSCF2718 (800x600).jpg

DSCF2739 (800x600).jpg

DSCF2585 (800x600).jpg

DSCF2752 (800x600).jpg

We quickly settled into the place with its nice atmosphere and many relaxed cruisers quickly became friends. Here the kids are playing during a large dinner party at the local hang out.

 PC134584 (800x600).jpg

Las Palmas is a surprisingly large and commercial town. It was great to see a big local surf ski crew and I joined in for one of their sessions. Epic place for some downwind action! Not sure why they have not sorted out races downwind between the islands? Maybe a gap in the market? This is easily a place we could spend the northern winter.

 20161213_170331 (800x450).jpg

The list of jobs to do before the crossing was pretty minor and really just fettling and provisioning, and washing of course…

 PC124508 (800x600).jpg

Tour driver Chris happily showing us around a few of the places and supermarket runs.

 PC124514 (800x600).jpg

One of the big hits was the science museum. Expecting to spend 1.5 hours tops there I had to tear the kids away 4 hours later as they were closing!

 PC144593 (800x600).jpg

Yes, that is a real jet fighter! Awesome to have such an interactive place.

PC144604 (800x600).jpg PC144623 (800x600).jpg

Green screen movies another bit hit

PC144615 (800x600).jpg

I know you Love animals but I am not sure the new chicks were supposed to be so interactive Amelia…

 PC144631 (800x600).jpg

Just about to leave and we find the “rollercoaster.” Multi axis massive robot arm the kids loved and on the hard core setting made Cesare cry out Mummy!

 PC144633_Moment(3) (800x450).jpg

After the unusually unsettled weather across the Atlantic from Nov to Mid Dec, both holding us back in Gibraltar and right across the trade wind belt the weather was settling down and shaping up nicely for a downwind crossing. Yay! We were keen to get going so the stop in the Canaries was only a six days. Wrapping things up with another great evening with the great SOL crew. Kids are busy entertaining themselves somewhere. Kids, we have kids…?


Tracked the kids down to watch the super moon rising over the commercial docks.

 PC144648 (800x600).jpg

Kiwi ship November Zulu Two Two Six Seven headed for the Caribbean you are cleared for take off, have a great trip…

 PC144626 (800x600).jpg

Topping off at the fuel dock on the way out on 15 Dec it was great to be surprised by three families as another farewell gathering. The cruising community is one of the things we love about this life.

DSCF2947 (600x800).jpg PC154668 (800x600).jpg

And we are off! Atlantic crossing here we go, Caribbean here we come!

PC154675 (800x600).jpg


Sunset off the bottom the Grand Canaria as we head off into the Big Blue.


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