Hurricane thoughts

Writing this in Grenada as the category 5 hurricane Irma thunders over the northern Caribbean islands is humbling. Our thoughts are with our friends in her path and all the people affected. It’s sobering when the media is hyping Irma as a category 6 when the scale only goes to catastrophic at category 5. The pictures coming in now are just staggering. Here is one example.

 BVI Irma

The blog I was writing yesterday seems rather trite and self-serving now so I will leave it for a while. We have lost contact our friends in the area and our hearts are aching for them and all of the lovely people we have met in our travels there. So many boats have been lost. So many businesses destroyed. So much property damage. The infrastructure and resources in the Caribbean are not huge and it will take years to recover from this. And now hurricane Jose is following almost exactly the same track. We hope that most people come through without injury and loss of life is as small as it can be.


6 thoughts on “Hurricane thoughts

  1. Thank goodness you and your family are safe and well, I hope your friends are also safe, we have been following your adventures and looking at your lovely boat for sale. Stay safe


  2. Hi from Roma! Been following your blog. Really glad you are all safe.
    A big hug Laurence (from constellation boatyard days)


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