Fixing Stuff

Boat Girl


Getting up close and personal with my new friends. Twins as well.


What is Google speak for how the heck do I fix this bit?


This bit being a leaking sea water pump and classified as mission critical as hot engine = Bad.

Before pic.


After pic. After and adventure and some work…


Reference from new friends for Volvo guys resulted in drive to next town with some typical great scenery thrown in as a bonus. Note in this picture someone stole the centre line of the road. Hey, these two houses are too close together to fit two lanes, so don’t bother putting a centre line in! Fixed. Just don’t meet a bus going the other way…


These Most Excellent Gentlemen from O.M.R. di Villafrate Giovanni


Did a fantastic job in their proper workshop to rebuild the pump including sandblasting the housing. Their spoken English was as limited as my Italian but we got it sorted and I left a very happy camper.


Some more abuse of the visa included compulsory bean bags found in great shop on way home.


First light the next day and the kids are in crazy time mood.

Note black rope Amelia monkey is holding with her foot. This is the line we broke with the good SE wind and surge a few nights before.


Another day in paradise…

Marina Del Fezzano and if you squint you can see our boat.


Who brought these guys here..?

Stop for refuelling in Pistoria at another Fantastic café after clearing out the previous owner’s boat spares storage. Getting used to Italian driving with 1.5hours up the Autostrada at 130km/hr. Go little Panda. Every time I think I am going fast someone flies past me like I am standing still.


Exploring Pistoria Duomo centre.

20160318_142437 20160318_142840

We had Fantastic dinner hosted by Drakkar’s previous owner Axel and his family. Hmmmmm, still dreaming of the beer basted charcoal brazed spare ribs. The drive to get to his house was quite an adventure as it is so far up in the mountains the GPS got confused a few times. Beautiful Tuscan spot and house! Late night as 2 hour drive back to La Spezia from the other side of Florence.


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